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Television Centre, White City - Stanhope, Mitsui Fudosan, AIMCo, BBC Studioworks with Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

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5 Television Centre, 101 Wood Lane, London, W12 7FW


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Mitsui Fudosan
BBC Studioworks


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Television Centre (TVC) was the first purpose-built television studio in the country and has been radically reinvented under a site wide masterplan regeneration as a new, fully mixed-use development.

In 2011, the team, led by Stanhope and Mitsui Fudosan won the bid to purchase the site and to work with the BBC and London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF) to re-imagine the distinctive buildings and question mark plan diagram in preparation for the BBC to vacate the site in 2013.

Focal to the vision for the project is the preservation and celebration of the original listed features, including the circular mosaic lined Helios Courtyard, complete with the golden Helios sculpture and water feature at its heart, and the original Stage Door, now principal entrance to the residential apartments, which houses the refurbished John Piper mural.

Graham Dawbarn’s original 1949 question mark diagram is completed with public spaces and buildings, accommodating an exciting range of uses, including events, dwellings, offices, restaurants, cinema and rooftop pool. The BBC have leased back Studio 1 and 2 maintaining a connection with the home of television.

The development – completed in February of 2018 - brings this iconic site back to life and creates a new identity for Television Centre (TVC) as a centre for creativity, a public space and a special place to live. By stitching the site back into the local area, TVC accentuates and promotes LBHF’s ambitions for Wood Lane, and the adjacent neighbourhoods.

Short video commissioned by Gillespies:


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The regeneration of Television Centre provides many benefits and has a positive impact on the community.

The project plays an active role in the regeneration of White City and inspires other rejuvenation schemes. For example, the derelict petrol station on Wood Lane, which was a centre for anti-social behaviour, was turned into a colourful and welcoming site. “Here After “is an immersive piece of art designed by Craig & Karl and provides a venue for pop-up events.

In the development of the site itself, the team, assisted by Stanhope, has widely consulted and engaged with the community. Prior to works commencing, AHMM and Stanhope have held numerous planning consultations. Beyond this Stanhope opened the site to the public for the first time in September 2014 as part of London Open House.

Finally, on the evening of 11th May 2017, Television Centre opened its doors once again to what was very much a ‘live’ construction project and hosted around 75 local residents for an open evening including a site tour. The response was tremendous. The aim was to show local residents how far the redevelopment had come, as well as giving them the opportunity to see how the redevelopment was going to transform the local area. Visitors commented on how enthusiastic and proud the project team guides were. It was clear that everyone in the team had a great sense of achievement and awareness of the unique heritage connected to this iconic location.




How has this place adapted over time to changing demographics, behaviours, market context, policy, transport habits and the climate crisis? 250 words max. Please attach images, drawings or reports that support your statement.


Never intended for public access when built in 1960, Television Centre has been transformed from a gated commercial development to a new community and place to live thanks to the wide range of uses. Dwellings of different characters, office spaces, gym, cinema, and the mixture of restaurants and eateries cater to different needs, animating the space throughout the day.

What was once a previously inward-looking site has been opened-up and restitched back into the surrounding communities. The fully accessible public realm has become an important conduit in establishing new connections between local transport infrastructure along Wood Lane and the neighbouring Hammersmith Park. The existing roadway has been transformed into a tree-lined boulevard, allowing cycling and walking to be easily incorporated into daily routines.

The public realm has been designed to encourage dwell time and social inclusivity, by ensuring the comfort of all users through accessible circulation routes, areas of seating and planting, large lawn spaces, and intimate pocket gardens for relaxation.
Television Centre was once the backdrop for breaking news, but now it’s a stage for TV shows, community events, music performances and screenings.

The building encourages sustainable lifestyles. The large flexible office spaces maximise opportunities for tenants to control their environment. The club and retail units offer alternative work and break-out spaces. Finally, the bike store accommodates 300 bikes and occupies a prominent position on the ground floor.



Please share any figures that support your entry; for example, increased dwell time, happiness surveys, post-occupancy surveys, footfall, event attendance, or observed changes in behaviour. Article references or quotes from supporters or reviews in the media may also be included. 250 words max.


Since opening in 2018, Television Centre has become a well-used and well-loved destination.

It has continued to be a place of work, with the BBC still making programmes within the refurbished studios. The development’s external spaces have become the backdrop for some of the nation’s most-watched and loved television shows, including Strictly Come Dancing and Top Gear. Shows are now undertaken in the open-air, overlooked by residential apartments and watched by the general public. This has been particularly beneficial during the pandemic, where filming has safely continued, and residents were invited to join from the comfort of their apartment windows.

Due to the pandemic, research has not yet been gathered in regards to dwell time, happiness or footfall, but the last couple of years has seen increased traffic through the site, as well as people sitting and enjoying the landscapes. There has been major growth in the retailers at TVC, in terms of brand identity and the adaptation to changing cultural and economic times. External demises were crafted into lease agreements with the flexibility of extended covers to provide support to retailers and permit greater custom.

To ensure that TVC is able to safely welcome back visitors this year, the estate is introducing ‘The Set Pergola’, a temporary structure designed to create an outdoor hub, event space and safe public environment for occupiers, residents and visitors. It will also provide additional space for retailers to provide takeout services and the opportunity to enliven the space.

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